kerman, a marvellous land embraced by mountains soared into the sky, and a four_season nature in the heart of a               fascinating desert; home of noble and hospitable people with an ancient history and unique architecture


Kerman, Paradise in the desert

Kerman province with an area of ​​175069 square kilometers is located in the southeastern of Iran. This province is bounded to the north by Khorasan and Yazd provinces, to the south, by Hormozgan province, to the east by Sistan and Baloochestan province and to the west by Fars province. In the past, Kerman had many names such as Botia, Karmania, Germania, Govashir, and so on. But according to a theory, the name of Kerman was “Karman” (“kar” means work and “man” means place) and has become Kerman over time. Climate variation in Kerman province due to specific climatic conditions is noteworthy. As a result of these climatic conditions, the weather is dry in the north and northwest, warm and humid in the south and south-east, and cold in the southwest and the center

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